Our Top Dog 

With over twenty years experience creating brand identity & integrated graphic systems for built environments, John Barry is no pup in the field of design. His clientele has ranged from small to large corporations, sports facilities, schools and universities, as well as municipalities across the United States. Actively involved as a professional well before “signage” and “wayfinding” became known as “experiential design,” John broadened his scope as the graphic design expanded to include both the built and virtual worlds.


Several years ago John took leave of his job as a designer to explore wayfinding in two other arenas: the academic and the spiritual. Studying at two Boston area institutions, he received Masters degrees in Art Education and Christian Theology. He became a full time art teacher, a religion teacher, an ordained deacon, and a fine artist working in oil painting, ceramic sculpture and stained glass. His experiences have led to a better understanding of the importance of human psychology within the creative process; how it is influenced by emotions, experiences, belief structures; and how each are important contributors to the way we see and interpret design in our world today.


"To some, education and spirituality are a whole different animal from design. I've found both  essential elements of the creative process."


Founder, TopDog Design Studio