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Springfield Year of the Eucharist

The Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts launched a year-long campaign to promote Jesus Christ, truly alive and present in His consecrated Eucharist, and to inspire and transform the Catholic parishes of that diocese. TopDog developed a mark based upon rays of light emanating from a Consecrated Host within a monstrance (a vessel used for Adoration). The rays surround a stylized bread loaf which has at its center the symbol of the cross and the star of Bethlehem. TopDog chose a strategic color palette to represent Jesus Christ’s Passion, His Kingship and His purity in holiness. 

In addition to the mark, TopDog helped develop a marketing campaign for merchandise based on the Gospel of John [6:58], “Whoever eats this Bread will live forever!” TopDog created a printed and electronic set of graphic standards so that the identity could be successfully applied to websites, yard signs, prayer cards and merchandise.

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