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unleash your potential

I founded TopDog as a way to help clients unleash their creative potential without paying top dollar for big city firms with high overhead costs. With over twenty years of experience in graphic design, I can help you create dynamic designs for physical and virtual realities. Building relationships with clients is as important to me as creating. I recognize that the most satisfying solutions have always come about through attentive listening and collaboration; so I spend time getting to know and appreciate my clients. Their unique perspectives are the inspirational behind the design process. 

TopDog prides itself on being a trusted guide for its clients; helping them to find innovative solutions to their design needs. I have years of experience in designing identity marks, branding and merchandizing materials, website and mobile apps, print and marketing, and signage and cohesive visual systems across the country to help make environments more navigable and memorable. Bring your pet project to TopDog and see what we can create together.

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